Champagne André Goutorbe et Fils

Brut Rosé

Brut Rosé


Combination of Carte d’or and homemade red wine, which give a fruity side and particular taste of a Rosé champagne as well as giving it this beautiful colour. To drink with meat based meals or desert.

The Look

The Champagne reveals fluid, satiny and deep salmon pink hue, with orange-pink highlights. His delicate foam is powered by fine and vivid bubbles that feed good cordon round the edge of the glass.

Brut Rosé
Brut Rosé

The Nose

The first nose conjures up pure smells of strawberry and creamy chalk. When aerated it evolves towards notes of kirsch, liquor of rose, candied strawberries, fresh mint. Further aeration makes it creamy and unveils touches of marzipan, pomegranate and anise hints.

The Mouth

The approach in the palate is soft and fresh with a creamy effervescence. The Champagne develops into an elegant density of fleshy strawberry and floral elegance, providing a creamy tactile feel. Balance is sustained thanks to straight acidity that reminds us those of lemon and pink grapefruit. Champagne extends to a greedy finale, whose freshness is raised by menthol and aniseed notes.

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