Champagne André Goutorbe et Fils

Carte d'Or

Carte d'Or


Perfect blending of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, aged for at least 5 years in our cellars, this wine has reached the top of its maturity. High quality champagne, you will appreciate it for prestigious occasions.

The Look

The Champagne reveals a satiny and pale yellow green golden hue, with luminous yellow green highlights. His delicate foam is powered by very fine and vivid bubbles that feed a delicate cordon round the edge of the glass. 

Carte d'Or
Carte d'Or

The Nose

The first nose evokes smells of honeysuckle, tangerine, white peach. When aerated it evolves towards notes of marmalade, apricot, passion fruit, plum, bigarreau cherry. Further aeration favors us with notes of wild peach and very pure and persistent fresh mango.

The Mouth

The approach in the palate is soft and fresh with a creamy effervescence. The Champagne develops into a density of tropical fruits, with a creamy and chewy body, well balanced by a melted acidity that plays a role as aromas enhancer. The final resumes fruity richness with a pronounced mango scent initially perceived from the nose. The ultimate greedy sensation is salty and tasty.

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